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I grew up in my motherís fabric store and learned to sew at my grandmotherís knee. From a small child I have always loved to create things out of fabric.  One of my very first projects was a stuffed kitty for my sister.  She slept with that kitty every night for years!  I guess it planted a seed in me to keep making fun things and giving them to people.


In high school, I majored in art and nearly minored in it in college.  I started making Halloween costumes for people and then branched out into making costumes for historical reenactments.  This led to a love for creating wedding dresses and bridal attire.  And then I fell in love with quilting! I started with traditional quilts and was struck by how so many little pieces of fabric could come together in the end to create a result greater than its parts.  But I missed making garments.


A few years ago, a friend wanted me to incorporate a piece of her grandmotherís veil into her wedding dress.  It was such a thrill working with her ancestral garment and helping turn it into her dream wedding dress.  I began to think of what else I could do with old clothes that I could no longer wear.  After a while of experimenting, I was hooked!  I now scour 2nd hand stores in search of the perfect ďmaterialsĒ for my creations.  I wash everything in hot water so everything is fresh, clean and pre-shrunk before I make any cuts.  I then let the garments guide me to create the final product.  For example, if a sweater has a fun row of buttons, I may decide to incorporate them into a secret pocket as part of a hood.


I love what I do because everything I make is one of a kind.  I also love that my materials help guide what I end up doing with them.  Sometimes I find a perfect sweater only to wash it and have it shrink to half its size.  So I have to be adaptable to change with my materials.  I like that! It keeps me on my toes and encourages me to stay creative.  I feel like I have truly found my calling.  Everything I do, I do with love and a passion for making people smile! I hope you enjoy my clothes as much as I enjoy making them.


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